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We value hair care and education.

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Growing up I didn't understand how to take care of my natural 4C (yup! like C4C) natural hair. My mom did a great job of conditioning, braiding, and taking care of the general health of my hair, so I never had to worry. When I got older, I realized that I should have paid more attention to what my mother was doing because by the time I got to college my hair was a broken mess. It was tough on my self-esteem, and I tried everything to cover it up. Eventually I just cut it off to avoid taking care of it.

There were two factors that kept me from creating a healthy relationship with my hair.

1) Time/Convenience

2) Lack of Knowledge


Taking care of my natural hair took time. Often times, the kinkier our hair, the more time it takes. Sometimes I wasn't in the mood to wash, deep condition, or style my hair.

Lack of Knowledge

What are protein treatments? How many times do I deep condition a week? What is my hair porosity? Does hair type matter to building a hair care routine? What kind of products work for my hair? How much product do I use??

I had so many questions when I started my natural hair journey. It was fun at first, but there were moments that were frustrating. I would do exactly what the natural hair ladies on YouTube said to do and would end up with a mess or broken & damaged hair.

Eventually, I started documenting my hair journey which led to the creation and expansion of C4C. I wanted to offer a space where those who need natural hair care education can get support and encouragement to continue their journey to self-love and acceptance.

What are some of your natural hair care do's, don't, likes and dislikes?



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