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Our Story

C4C is more than just a beauty boutique; it's a sanctuary for mind and body, catering to the needs of the modern generation.

Our founder's passion lies in empowering Black women to embrace their uniqueness and lead fulfilling lives. Starting from the inside out, we prioritize mental well-being and financial security, then elevate confidence with a touch of cosmetic luxury.

Community is everything to us. Through collaborations with our sister organization CAARE, we provide beauty consultations and coaching to local shelters, because everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident.

At C4C, we're all about holistic wellness. From skincare to self-care, we're on a mission to enrich your body and mind. Keep an eye out for our upcoming self-care products, like our fan-favorite Liquid Gold Shea Butter, praised since its debut in 2023.

Thanks for being a part of our journey. Take a browse, and let's stay connected. Your self-care adventure starts here!


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