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African Braiding Shops Don't Care About the Health of Your Hair.

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I used to work at an African Braiding shop in Los Angeles California. The women who worked there were amazing at their jobs. Fantastic at braiding, twisting, and weaving. I learned so much while I was there!

However, while in the industry I noticed that these African braiding shops don't give a rat's ass about your hair. They care about doing their job quickly so that they can get as many clients and therefore cash a day.

This struck me because the women (and men) in our chairs noticed their hair growing as far as length, but at the cost of missing edges and a lot of thinning from poor hair care. It's important to me at C4C that we take care of your hair. That we maintain your edges and that your hair is healthy and moisturized underneath your style. Health over length any day.



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